ATEX Engineering

MIBEX offers expert ATEX advice in the design of assemblies, skids and installations.

Through years of experience in applying and interpreting ATEX product standards and the ATEX installation standard, MIBEX is specialized in the design, documentation and certification of equipment, assemblies and skids according to ATEX 114.

Installations generally do not have to comply with ATEX 114, but they do have to comply with ATEX 153. The distinction between an assembly and an installation is not always clear.

If you have any questions about the ATEX design of an installation and whether it as a whole falls under ATEX 114 or not, then MIBEX is the right place for you.

Practically applicable and unambiguous advice and not doing more than necessary are always the aim.

MIBEX has a lot of experience with the design, documentation and certification of various types of ATEX installations, examples are:

  • Fuel cell systems
  • Electrolyser containers
  • Hydrogen systems (liquid and gaseous)
  • Ventilated rooms according to EN 60079-13
  • Equipment assemblies according to IEC-TS 60079-46
  • Bulk installations
  • Diesel generator sets and hydraulic power packs
  • Packaging machines and filling machines
  • Agitator tanks and mixers
  • Extraction installations and filter systems


When equipment and installations are to be used outside Europe, IECEx may be required or be a good basis for local legislation and regulations. MIBEX offers advice and guidance on the preparations to achieve IECEx certification with a notified body.

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