IECEx 02

Manufacturers that sell electrical devices in Europe and elsewhere launched the IECEx certification program in 1989 to create a global product certification mechanism that would function like the EC approvals and comport with the intentions of the World Trade Organization.

The certification body (CB) of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has been in existence since 1985 and has established itself in many areas of electrotechnical device safety testing. The basis of the CB scheme is mutual recognition of tests of the national testing laboratories.

The IECEx scheme consists of 5 areas:

IECEx 01: Basic rules
IECEx 02: Equipment for use in explosive atmospheres
IECEx 03: Service facilities covering repair and overhaul
IECEx 04: IECEx conformity mark
IECEx 05: Personnel competencies

MiBEx is focussed on IECEx 02 for equipment.

IECEx 02

Requirements for hazardous areas are covered in IEC Standards prepared by TC 31.

The IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme provides both:

1. A single International Certificate of Conformity that requires manufacturers to successfully complete:

  • Testing and Assessment of samples for compliance with Standards
  • Assessment and auditing of manufacturers premises
  • On-going surveillance audits of manufacturers premises

2. A "fast-track" process for countries where regulations still require the issuing of national Ex Certificates or approval. This is achieved by way of global acceptance of IECEx equipment Test and Assessment Reports.


For all electrical and non-electrical equipment; assessment and testing of products (ExTR) and regular audits of all applicable production facilities (QAR) by an IECEx Notified Body are required to achieve a Certificate of Conformity (CoC).

CoC = ExTR + QAR

Certificates issued by the IECEX Certified Equipment Scheme are issued as "Electronic Certificates" and are live on the IECEx Website. This enables full public access for viewing and printing. Visit theIECEx "On-Line Certificate" System