ATEX and IECEx Training

MIBEX is a specialist in in-company ATEX tailor-made training courses, courses and workshops.

Both for manufacturers of explosion-proof electrical or mechanical equipment, such as panel builders, machine builders, etc. (ATEX 114) as well as for installers, technicians and end users (ATEX 153), MIBEX offers ATEX customized training.

The basic principle of our training courses is always the practical situation of your company and the student. In addition to transferring practical knowledge and skills, behavior with regard to the risk of explosion is an important part of our training. Connection to the IECEx 05 modules and examination of the theory is of course possible.

We have a lot of experience with in-company customized training courses, examples are:

  • ATEX awareness for managers
  • ATEX work safely for operators
  • ATEX for suppliers and manufacturers
  • ATEX maintenance mechanical for mechanics
  • ATEX installation and maintenance for installers
  • ATEX inspection for inspectors
  • ATEX 114 and CE marking for manufacturers
  • ATEX 114 for machine builders
  • ATEX 114 for panel builders
  • etc.

Topics can be:

  • Basic knowledge ATEX and IECEx,
  • the origin and occurrence of explosions,
  • working safely in ATEX environments,
  • performing risk assessments on non-electrical equipment and assemblies,
  • properties and choice of protection methods,
  • design of explosion-proof ATEX and IECEx electrical and non-electrical equipment,
  • certification of explosion-proof ATEX and IECEx electrical and non-electrical equipment,
  • ATEX and CE marking
  • compiling technical construction files,
  • ATEX installation and maintenance in accordance with NEN-EN-IEC60079-14,
  • ATEX repair and overhaul in accordance with NEN-EN-IEC60079-19,
  • ATEX inspection according to NEN-EN-IEC60079-17,
  • latest developments in the standard field, such as the arrival of ATEX 114 and ISO / IEC80079-36 and -37,
  • etc.

Are you looking for an in-company ATEX or IECEx customized training at a competitive price, please feel free to contact us.

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