ATEX and IECEx Inspection

ATEX Inspection of electrical installations

End users are obliged to periodically inspect their (electrical) installations. When electrical installations are installed in ATEX environments, this inspection must also be performed in accordance with ATEX 153 in addition to electrical safety (NEN3140).

New explosion-proof installations must be subjected to an initial detailed ATEX inspection in accordance with NEN-EN-IEC60079-17. During this inspection it is determined whether all equipment has been correctly chosen for the zoning. In addition, attention is paid to protection issues, such as ATEX markings, device category, temperature class, gas group, cable gland and cable selection, calculations of intrinsically safe circuits, safety devices, seals, etc. Measurements such as earth resistance, impedance and insulation resistance measurements are also included. at the detailed ATEX inspection.

Subsequently, periodic visual and accurate ATEX inspections must be scheduled and carried out, also in accordance with ATEX 153 on the basis of NEN-EN-IEC60079-17 in order to be able to check whether the ATEX equipment is sufficiently maintained and that no defects occur that endanger the explosion safety. bring.

Assessment of existing non-electrical equipment

For non-electrical equipment in ATEX environments, it must also comply with ATEX 95 after 30 June 2003 and ATEX 114 from 20 April 2016. Existing equipment prior to 30 June 2003 must be assessed on the basis of an ignition analysis and risk assessment according to the ISO80079-36.

As one of the few in the Netherlands, we have developed a special method for assessing large quantities of existing non-electrical equipment and machines in both gas and dust environments.

MIBEX can expertly carry out these ATEX inspections of your electrical installation or assessment of your non-electrical equipment.

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